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Stunning Media Results and Social Solutions.


Crafting Exceptional Content Tailored to Your Personal or Business Needs

TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram Reels Production.

Unlock the Power of Short-Form Video Creation with Jellyfish Media's Expert Service!

Our team specializes in crafting engaging and dynamic content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

From filming to editing, we ensure your videos stand out and capture attention in the fast-paced world of social media. Elevate your brand's presence and reach new audiences with our tailored short-form video production solutions.

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Revitalize Your Brand's Content with Striking Animation - Motion Graphics Experts.

Watch as we infuse vitality into shapes, logos, lines, and titles! Elevate your brand's content with

awe-inspiring animations that make a lasting impact.

Motion Graphics Jellyfish Media



Enhance Your Brand with Premium Video and Photography Services

Do you aspire to enhance your brand's image with top-tier, attention-grabbing content? Our professional photography and customized video production services are designed to meet your brand's distinct requirements.

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Modernizing and Managing Your Social Media Presence.

Experience the transformation of your social media presence as we curate modern, trendy, and irresistible content across all your platforms. 

Our services encompass crafting a dynamic SoMe Calendar and launching attention-grabbing campaigns that harmonize seamlessly with the ever-evolving global market trends.

Elevate Your Social Media Game with Cutting-Edge Design and Management


Boost Your Brand with Influencer Marketing - Find the Perfect Ambassador.

Partner with us to find the ideal ambassador who will elevate your brand and increase your followers.

Influencer Marketing Jellyfish Media


Elevate Your Visual Storytelling with Aerial Photography and Videography.

Bring your business into the spotlight by revealing your facilities, showcasing your property's advantageous location, or capturing breathtaking aerial imagery of your yacht. Additionally, immortalize your adrenaline-packed activities through the creation of top-tier digital content (both photos and videos) using drones.

Aerial Photography & Videography Jellyfish Media


Enhance Your Project with Custom Soundtracks - Copyright-Free Sound Design.

Experience the difference with our unique, tailor-made soundtracks, perfectly suited to your project's needs and style. Our copyright-free sound design ensures versatility for any purpose.

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella
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Are you a Start-Up?

Jellyfish Media is your ally, offering budget-friendly content creation services to uplift small

and emerging businesses.

Contact us to discover more:

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